man-free-signThis morning, I heard a radio commercial of a Web Design Firm that is taking applications to give away free web hosting for a year for charitable organizations. I’m not sure if they were charging for the build – that wasn’t clear in what I heard.

Over the years WEBrilliance has provided low cost and even free websites for small hurting businesses, individuals with needs, and several charitable organization.

  • No applications
  • No hidden costs
  • No limited time-frames,
  • …and no fan-fare splashed across the air waves.

We don’t like to give estimates when talking to potential clients, because in today’s climate, it’s hard to say what price will scare someone off. We know things are tough, and our main goal is to HELP your business and work within your budget.

Anyway! Kudos for clever marketing. And I’m sure all the non-‘winners’ will be contacted using the information they supplied to sell them a website and hosting at their regular price.

In the meantime, if your business, charitable organization or school volleyball team needs a website, don’t hesitate to call.  I’m sure we can help you out with a package that fits your budget and impresses your organization.

(304) 769-9769