Todd recently designed my law office logo. He also designed and hosts my website. He is a professional. He patiently paid attention to all the minor details that were important to me. When changes or updates are requested, he promptly addresses the needs of the customer.
Highly recommend him.

Work Done: Web Design, IT Support, Graphic Design

Blues BBQ
South Charleston, WV

Blues BBQ Pig

Todd Carpenter [owner of WEBrilliance] has been a customer at our restaurant for more than ten years. All those years ago he wanted to make our web site but my husband and I are such dinosaurs that we resisted and plugged along sans social media.
Finally the day came that we were ready for the cyber world. We knew who would get the job because of his gentle persistence and reputation for intelligence and excellence. We were not disappointed. He led us through the whole process; explaining in careful terms so we could understand everything.
In a very short time our website was up and running. Business took a sharp turn upwards. It was crazy how busy we got and continue. Our catering side is almost too busy!! Sometimes we wish WEBrilliance hadn’t done such a good job!!!
I love this guy. I count him as a friend, customer, and wise guru!! [Site is no longer available]
Honor Thomas, Blues BBQ
My law firm has worked with WEBrilliance for over two years now. They designed our website, Facebook page and work with SEO parameters daily. I can always get in touch for with them for changes to the website.

I highly recommend the company.

Work Done: Web Design, IT Support, Graphic Design

Joseph Spano, Pritt & Spano Law
We decided to redesign our website and turned to Todd Carpenter at to help us through the process.

Todd took the time to listen to our needs and concerns and came back with a design that we have been very happy with. The promptness of completing the site was well within our timeline and Todd’s responsiveness to changes to the site show how dedicated he is to serving his customers.

I recommend Todd Carpenter to anyone looking to build or update their website. Thanks Todd!

Dawn Mahon, Principle
Garnet Career Center

garnet career center

Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you have put into my site.

The speed and accuracy has been phenomenal and at a cost that is a fraction of what the big national company was charging me! I gladly recommend your firm to everyone!

Taylor Books
Charleston, WV

Taylor Books

We had long known our website was in woeful need of an overhaul. But when our service provider decided that the customer was rarely right and our site went down in spectacular fashion as a result, we suddenly found ourselves with an internet presence emergency on our hands.

Enter Todd and – website first-responders extraordinaire!

It is impossible to overstate the calming influence and sense of confidence they instilled from our first conversation. We screeched panicky jibberish; they not only translated, they responded with immediate solutions. Fast forward less than 24 hours, and Taylor Books not only had re-established an all-important web presence, we also had a plan for a new and improved (understatement!) website.

Todd listened to all of our wants, needs, wish lists, and “hey! wouldn’t it be cool ifs,” and within hours, turned every bit of it into the beginnings of a beautiful thing. He paid attention. And he produced an end product beyond even our wildest imaginings.

We went from website tragedy to website glory in less than 48 hours. And in the time since the new site went live, he has been available, responsive, and exceptional with follow up support. Their technical work and talent was (and is) fantastic. Their client care was – and is – their greatest asset.

They say customer service is a lost art.

We say Todd and WEBrilliance are master practitioners of same, and it shows in their results.

We are thrilled with our website. We spent quite awhile researching the right company to handle our website needs and ended up making a very good choice in selecting “Wild Wonderful Webs”.
Our site now says exactly what we need it to say and generates the interest we hoped it would.We highly recommend their services.
Leonard Shapiro, Pennsylvania Electric & Gas
WEBrilliance has been a tremendous asset to the Putnam County Fair Board. Since debuting our new website earlier this year, we have received many compliments.

It is very user friendly, easy to navigate, and simply just fun to be on. It’s a place where people can view our daily schedules, check weather at the fairgrounds, or play games. There’s a little something for everyone on our new website.

Todd has been wonderful to work with as well. When something needs added to the website, he is right on it. He takes pride in his work and I’m thankful for the work that he has done for the Putnam County Fair!

Charity Fellure, Administrator
Putnam County Fair

Putnam County Fair

My company has had an Internet presence since the turn of the century. I’ve hired many people to design and help with every aspect of the web. There has always been one common thread in all of these masters of the web.

A complete lack of business ethics and follow-through.

None that I have worked with in the past 20 years have ever had the urgency that I’ve had. Every web master I’ve come in contact with starts out promising the world, and delivers over-promised inferior performance. Most seem to fissile out to a mere flicker at the end. To the point of days, weeks, or even months of nothing being done on the project with no or little communication with the company that hired them.

I look at someone of your talents as a rarity in this world presently.

You are the chef architect and the general contractor for my store front. You play an important role in the success of this company with your creative genius. As a Graphic & Web Designer you are a leader in an industry that for the most part is untrained with few standards. There are degrees in Web Design, I’m not sure they are worth the paper they are printed on. You can give a degree, you can’t make them creative.

For 20 years I’ve struggled to find someone that cares, someone with vision, someone that is creative and can write to fit the task at hand. And lastly, someone I can afford. Todd you are that man. I’m very thankful you were referred to me from someone who had similar bad experiences with other web designers. If anyone is fortunate to get to work with you they will be rewarded far above what they could of imagined.

Thank you Todd for working your magic on my companies behalf. You have a earned this customer for life. Please feel free to have anyone contact me on your behalf.

Gary Kelly, San Diego Disc Jockey