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After months of planning, getting bids, selecting the designer and building your new web presence, the single most important thing you can do – is to promote your site.

This means more than registering with Internet search engines – which of course we will do. However, it is much more important to inform your existing customers and local potential customers by displaying your web site address (Domain Name) where customers will often be reminded of it.

Why is this important? If you are a local business, you want LOCAL customers. Quite honestly global search engines won’t provide the range of local, ready-to-buy customers around you everyday! Properly promoted in your local area, you will see more visitors to your web site than a global search engine could ever bring you.

“If you build it, they will come”

Unfortunately, this does not apply to your web site, it won’t promote itself. WEBrilliance can do a lot for you in helping make sure your site is found in search engines, but don’t leave the important work undone. Once we build your powerful Internet presence share the news!

This will take more than a one-time mailing. Make your web site an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Post your web site address on all your newspaper ads, yellow pages, brochures, business cards, letter heads, company vehicles, signs, customer entrance, even over the register! Don’t miss any opportunity to give your web address to anyone who sees something related to your business.

As an added benefit, you can focus and lower the cost on your businesses print ads, and drive your customers to your web site for complete details – current and in full color!