Westley has been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

The Tibia Turmoil

Well… it was bound to happen. I am sad to report Westley has his first broken/fractured bone. After 11 inches of snow, a two hour truck ride to Keysville to ride ATVs and sled the demise of our Snow Week was a simple trip to the bathroom. Thursday afternoon as Westley was leaving the restroom his toes curled under him and down he went. I was just a few feet ahead of him and saw the tragic event in slow motion. After catching his breath and a long stint on the floor getting his barrings straight Dallas settled him in on couch. He’s fallen before and twisted his ankle so we treated him with elevation and ice packs. Dallas took the night shift (poor guy didn’t know what he was in for) and by morning we knew this was more than just a few pulled muscles.

We carefully loaded him into the car and headed for our local Ortho on Call. (A big thanks to the Smith family for letting me toss Wyatt into their home as we rolled down their street.) A few hours lately and lots of tears our hearts were broken to hear Westley was broken; a fractured tibia. Breaks like these can be a game changer for boys with DMD. Some never walk again. We are lucky (so to speak) that this was the best case scenario.

Westley is now splinted, enjoying some nice pain meds and watching videos on his iPod. He is not allowed to put ANY weight on his left leg. We return to the specialist on Tuesday to determine whether he will be booted or casted and for how long. We please keep him in your prayers. This is going to be a tough few months of casting, PT and pain just as he started to gain some independence.

Dallas and I feel so blessed to everyone who has reached out to us today. We love you all.

God Speed,

Jessica and Dallas


Sweet Rachel was so kind to him.


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