Westley has been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

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Moving Forward and Mouse Ears

The summer is nearing its end and so is Westley’s Wing. So much progress has been made over the last few months and there is finally an end in sight. For those that follow us on Facebook you have seen the pictures and the blessings that have come our way. For those who stay away from the insanity that is Facebook here is a recap:

I took it upon myself to reach out via email to as many companies as I could to see if they would be willing to donate some “perks” for Westley’s room. Much to my surprise a few companies stepped forward with some AMAZING gifts! First Home Depot called us in to let Westley pick out a touch less faucet for his bathroom. You may not understand the freedom this will provide him but it is HUGE. Home Depot then made a surprise delivery of 5 gallons of Behr paint and a TOUCHLESS toilet!! A few weeks later Costen Flooring contacted us with the news that they would like to donate the Vinyl tiles for Westley’s bathroom and room. (Dallas and I are laying them ourselves so please pray for us! Eek!) He even got to go into their office and pick them out himself. I must say he has great taste. Throughout this entire process friends and practically strangers have reached out with donations, discounts or called in favors for discounts to building and supply companies. The kind and generous nature does not go unnoticed. I never want to be jaded by the blessings God places in our path. This process has made me even more eager to get Westley settled with a home, wheelchair and van so we can pay it forward to many more families like ours.

I would also like to thank Jason Davis for challenging his friends on Facebook to give up a night out to eat or an overpriced coffee and make a donation to help us furnish Westley’s new room. We have raised enough to purchase a comforter set, lamps, night stand and a few wall decorations. It’s been fun for me to watch Westley pick out the items for his room. I’m impressed at how mature he is choosing to decorate his space. (No Sponge Bob or Call of Duty; Whew!) Thank you Jason for opening your heart and your wallet for our son.

Once the room and the remainder of the house (we needed to take out a few interior walls so West can access the entire home) are put in order we plan to invite everyone to an Open House (just like my parents did during the holidays) to show everyone this amazing new space.


Until Then…We’re going to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!

A few of you might remember Westley requesting a Pete Nelson tree house from Make-A-Wish but it seems 6 other boys had the same wish and Pete just couldn’t help them all. After Westley heard his tree house wasn’t going to be build by Pete the idea lost its luster and he requested to go with his 2nd wish. So on October 29th the four of us will board an airplane to Florida for 6 nights and 7 days to enjoy all the Disney adventures Westley can think of. We just can’t wait!!!! This is just one more item Dallas and I couldn’t afford to give our children and we are grateful to Make-A-Wish for the everlasting memories sure to be made.

Upcoming Warrior News

  • Westley’s Wheelchair is officially on order
  • Coach to Cure Football game at Liberty University