Westley has been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

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Let’s RUN down DMD


I’ve committed to running the November 16th Richmond Half Marathon!!!

Westley may never be able to run but I can use his strength and spirit to accomplishment something I never thought possible.

For those who know me; I’m not a runner or even athletic for that matter but after Westley’s diagnosis I needed to find something to focus on other than the negatives of his disease. Oddly I chose running.  I never ran a mile in my life; not even in high school PE!  I was even asked after a week of being on the B Volleyball team if I would rather be a manager. And yes; I happily took the job. So far a 10k has been my longest race but with my friends and family’s support I have been training for this 13.1 for the last few months.

I’m scared but I am ready to RUN down DMD!

Please think about donating to help us find a cure for DMD.

$13 – for every mile I put on the asphalt November 16th

$20 – for the number of tears I will shed after defeating the 13.1 🙂



God Speed,



Save the Date – Muscle Walk 2014!!!

If you have been involved in previous Muscle Walks you know what an amazing day it is and we are so excited to do it all over again in 2014! We hope you all will join us whether in body or in spirit to fight back against Muscular Dystrophy.

A few of you have requested to make your donations in 2013 for tax purposes so I went ahead and set up the Westley’s Warriors Team page.

For every dollar we raise, 100% goes directly to support research for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy!

Westley looks forward to this event all year! It’s a way for him to feel as though he is doing something to find a cure for DMD. Our Warriors helped us raise over 9k last year!!! Please help us fight against DMD by making a donation and joining our team to raise funds.

I truly believe there will be a cure within Westley’s lifetime!

To make a secure donation go tohttp://www2.mda.org/site/TR/Walk/22-379-RichmondDistrict?team_id=22103&pg=team&fr_id=8003

To join our team and help raise funds for a cure go to – https://secure2.convio.net/mda/site/TRR/Walk/22-379-RichmondDistrict/653215942?pg=ptype&fr_id=8003


God Speed,

Dallas, Jessica, Westley and Wyatt


Muscle Walk 2014

March 30, 2014

Flying Squirrels Stadium

Clinical Trial Update

After doing more research into the Sarepta clinical trial I wrote about a few months back we have learned that Westley’s DNA mutation does not match the first trial coming out in 2014. We are so very disappointed but know that this drug trial will help so many boys very soon which will lead to the creation of the drug that will help Westley too.

Please pray will can move through this sadness quickly and that God will shine a light on where he wants us to go from here.

God Speed,