Westley has been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

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Jump for Joy!!

 Westley is 6 weeks into the prednisone (and all the other meds). Honestly Dallas and I wanted the prednisone to help make Westley’s muscles stronger but our first prayer was that there wouldn’t be any huge negative side effects. That prayer has been answered. He had a few MINOR issues that a few tweaks to diet and vitamins have corrected. The drugs have been gradually building in his system over the weeks so no major changes have been apparent…until recently.

 Westley jumped! I know to most of you this is something we all can do and wish our children would stop jumping all over the place but Westley has never been able to get his body to jump off the ground. It happened on accident because I scared him coming around the corner. We both were shocked! I asked him to try it again and sure enough he jumped. It was just an inch or so but it meant the world to me. It meant the prednisone was starting to work!!!!

 We returned to the Children’s Hospital Wednesday for a checkup. The meds have made him “starving” as he says so he gained 7lbs in one month but the doctors expect his appetite to minimize overtime. They were happy to hear that Westley wasn’t experiencing any harmful side effects. We are starting to see Westley’s emotions getting the best of him. Steroids will do that to you but we are continuing to talk with him and educate him on how to handle these feelings.  

 Part of the exam was to watch him walk and climb stairs. Westley takes stairs much different than the rest of us and it’s clearly a struggle for him. I along with a large group of medical staff watched in awe as Westley held on to the railing and took those 4 steps just as anyone else would have; a bit slower but he took them!!! If I wasn’t so shocked I would have cried right there. We are continuing to pray that the prednisone extends his ability to walk into his teen years. Time will tell but so far we are hopeful these “little miracles” are a sign of what is to come.

 Thank you all for your prayers! We are blessed to have so many people talking to The Man upstairs on our behalf. May you all be blessed this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and God Speed,


Westley and Mama on the Santa Train