Westley has been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

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A Moment in Time

Sunday was a very special day for our family. We were treated to an afternoon of not one but TWO amazing photographers capturing our family in one of our most favorite spots. I have known Mandy Palmore for a few years through some mutual friends. She heard our recent news and spoke with a co-worker who happens to be a fabulous photographer and has been mentoring her on her love of photography. Out of the kindness of their hearts; Lewis “Mac” Carter and Mandy met us at Belmead in Powhatan this Sunday. We spent a lot of time there this summer fishing, walking and playing in the river. There are a million picturesque places and it was the perfect place to capture us as a family.

Westley and Wyatt have met Mandy before and were instantly “in love” with her. They had never met Mac  and usually get very shy with strangers. Mac was a different story. They immediately bonded with him and were giving him unsolicited hugs at the end of our session. I have always believed that kids see the “real” person and from their reaction it was clear that both Mac and Mandy are truly amazing souls.

Mac and Mandy captured some of the most amazing shots and they will never be forgotten for their generous deed. Family is everything to us and to have this moment in time captured was a true blessing. Thank you so very much Mac and Mandy!!!!

I hope you will check out Mac’s blog. http://arclighteffect.com/   He does some amazing things with a camera. I honestly think Mandy and Mac should start doing this professionally. Let me know if you are interested in their work and I will be happy to put you in contact with them.