Wine Rack from Recycled Pallet Wood

My wife is a wine-o.  No, not really!  She buys a few bottles here and there, and hardly ever drinks any.  But since we had bottles piling up and nowhere to properly store them she asked me to build something for her.

I found wine rack plans on-line that seemed simple enough, so I printed them out and got to work.  This would NOT be the first plans I’d downloaded, but it would be my first project I built from plans.

The first problem…

I wanted to use some of my reclaimed pallet wood but the plans call for lumber wider than any of the wood I had.  However, the plans DID call for cutting those wider boards in half AFTER I cut large circles in the center of them (to hold the bottles). I realized I could do it backwards!  I could cut the pallet boards to exactly half the size needed — forced them together in a jig – and THEN cut the circles.  It worked!

Oh!  And I got to use my new tools — the pneumatic brad nailer as well as the Dewalt thickness planer I used to clean up a couple of (dull/old) wide boards for the sides.  Yeah… the sides…

The second problem…

I’ll jump to where I got everything cut and eagerly glued and nailed everything together.  The plans must have been for a wine rack for really LONG wine bottles because the ones I have would just fall through. And no, I didn’t check until the glue was already set.  As with the pallet boards, the side boards I had weren’t even as wide as the plans called for… how could it then still be so off?  I dunno.  But it was.

I ended up cutting the sides down about two inches and re-gluing and nailing.  It was fine after that.  Time for a finish.

The THIRD problem…

I found a can of Poly-Stain my father had stashed away and I thought I’d give it a try.  Bad idea.  I spent the entire evening chasing my tail …and drips.  They would quickly and constantly get away from me.  With so many nooks and edges, drips would always occur on the opposite side and start to create dark stained lines.  Eventually, I thought I had beaten the odds so I let the rack dry overnight.  The next day I found one side had a bit too much poly-stain on it which sagged.  Ugh!

I tried to sand it down but that just clogged the sand paper.  I eventually used Mineral Spirits to clean up the mess and re-stained it the next day.

I know I learn something new with each project.  That said, I learned a TON of things on this one!

…mostly what NOT to do.  It’s done and my wife loves it.  And that’s really all that matters!

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