Spice Rack and Sunglasses Display

I make nothing for money (yet).  However, I do make things for love.  No wait, that sounds bad.  I make things out of love — well, out of wood and love. 🙂

After making a rustic shelf for my step-daughter and side-step daughter to hold their finger nail polish and lipstick collection, they liked it so much they asked if I could make a few more things.

That surprised me.  The first shelf was SO rustic and grungy, I almost figured they’d accept it with a smile, but would end up pitching it.  Surprise! They LOVED it!!   Looking on Amazon, I now see there is a whole category for rustic wooden shelves and things.

This project post is actually two things I can check off their To-Do list.

The first is a Spice Rack.  You can see it’s using two different thicknesses of pallet wood.  I made it as long as I could with the lumber I had.  There’s nothing special about the build.  I notched the sides with the table saw but only glued in the small ‘rods’ to hold the spice bottles in place.  I hope they hold!

The other project came from a conversation I had with my step-daughter only 2 days before we were to drive up to see her on her 23rd birthday.  She was talking about getting a great deal on sunglasses — like 6 for $25 — and wished she had someplace to display them all.  I did an image search and found a design I thought I could pull off.

I used the final scraps of my thin pallet boards (no waste!) and a thicker board that had rounded sides and was pretty beat up.  All I did was mark and notch the long board and glued the shelves in place.

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