…by Name

My name is Todd Carpenter – so, i’m Carpenter by name. My father never shied away from a carpentry project, either, so I learned a lot from him.  Also, my mother’s father, Cecil Crookshanks worked as a Carpenter for the mines in West Virginia, so… I have carpentry in my blood.

I’ve tackled many woodworking/carpentry projects over the years, big and small, but my real hobbies tended to be more high-tech.  I’ve done video work for others, graphic design, as well as building and hosting web sites for friends and customers.  I still have a YouTube channel where I sing and tell stories, and I maintain two WV News web sites. I also have hold a U.S. Patent for an electrical device (no, it never sold).

As a System Administrator for HP I spend hours in front of a PC for a living and in my off-time I’ve spent DECADES in front of a computer doing this project or another.  When I turned 50 (did I just type that?) I decided I needed a new hobby that pulled me away from computers and making virtual ‘things’ and start making something REAL and substantial.

It’s a new OFFICIAL hobby, but as I say, I’ve done woodworking projects all my life.  I’ve just never CALLED it a  hobby or made a solid commitment to it.  I am now.

On this website (yes, I’m STILL in front of a computer many hours a day), I’ll post some photos of projects.  Maybe even make a video or two about what I’m learning and maybe share some ideas.

If you are a woodworker, I salute you and beg you to welcome me into your world.  I have a lot to learn and am eager to so do.