Rustic Poster Frame

This is the last of my Pallet Projects / Office-Warming / Christmas Presents for my wife.  The other projects/presents were a rustic shelf and coat rack.  This is a matching frame for a vintage Red Cross poster.

Jennifer asked me if I could make a frame for a poster she found behind a cabinet at work. Originally, the poster had been mounted in a plastic ‘modern’ frame and she wanted something that would match the vintage look of the poster.

I measured the glass and looked for JUST the right sized-wood for the frame that was also rustic looking.  I chose some pallet boards I’d reclaimed months before.

Originally, I was going to try and use my router to cut the notches for the glass, poster and backing, but without a router table, that was going to be tricky.  I’d had a lot of good results using my portable table saw for this sort of thing so that’s what I used.  It worked like a charm!

The backing from the original frame was in good shape, so I decided to reuse it.  It had built-on, slide-away clamps to secure everything together — all I needed was to cut an additional groove.  Again, using the table saw made this a breeze.

I dug out my ancient (non-sliding) miter saw.  After measuring and remeasuring (did I tell you I HATE miter joints?), I ended up with 4 perfectly cut sides!  Woohoo!  No redo’s!

I opted to use my Kreg Pocket-hole Jig and glue.  I’m still not sure what I’m doing with it… even after consulting my cheat sheets for material depth and choosing the right screw.  But the corners are tight even if the screws stick out a bit.  It’s on the back, no one will ever see it.  If need be, I can file them down with my Dremel.

This turned out beautifully and my wife loves it!!  I’m jealous, I wish I had an office I could hang it in.

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