Rustic Candle Sconces

Last year I redecorated my Man Cave and left the walls as exposed Concrete Blocks (after sealing it for water and painting them)*.  I love it, but hanging things on the wall without damaging the water seal has been a challenge, to say the least!  For the most part I’ve used twisted wire to hang paintings and posters.  But I have a couple of small metal candle sconces that do not hang right with that method.

I’ve been chewing on the best way to tackle this for a year.  I’ve even tried a couple of ideas that failed.  The other day I had an idea to make a rustic frame out of pallet wood. However when I got to the barn and sifted through my pallet lumber another, even simpler idea hit me.

Funny, how that happens. The wood, itself, suggested the idea!  Results are below.  What do you think?