Faux Window Light

This is an unusual project.  My step-son is occupying a room we built in the basement that has no windows.  It also has no ceiling light, as the ceiling is kinda low in that room.  I saw one of these faux window lights on Pintrest and thought it would be a perfect solution for both problems.

I’d sketched up several versions of this trying to get the cuts just right, but realized I was making it unnecessarily complicated.  I was trying to find a way to cut everything on one board.  In the end, the sides were cut as two different pieces.  The main piece was cut to mount the LED lights to and incorporate the white backing material.  The face frame would then be mounted to it.  This gave me flexibility to let  the ‘window’ frame be rustic.

Again, this project is made from reclaimed pallet wood.

The LED strips are from LOWES.  I spend weeks looking for something to use as a back.  It needed to be thin, light weight, and reflective.  As luck would have it, I found it in a dumpster behind Goodwill!  Someone had tossed a dry erase board that was the EXACT size I needed – based on the rough size of the LED strips I bought.

I used the KREG Pocket Hole Jig to join the main body as well as the shelf support.  Everything else was attached with my pneumatic brad nailer.

I used my router with a keyhole slot bit to hang it on the wall.

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