Birdhouse 2.0

My dad built a birdhouse many, many years ago and nailed it to a tree at the edge of our back yard.  He said it was a Bluebird house (which we never see around here), so he painted it blue.  Rot eventually took the tree and I cut it down last year.  As it turns out rot also took the bird house.  The top of the birdhouse had long ago disappeared, but I carefully pulled the rest of it from the tree with plans to rebuild it.

That’s what I did, yesterday.

I’m not sure where he found the pattern, but it was a solid enough project.  I think he used aluminum nails either because they wouldn’t rust or because that’s all he had… or both.  Either way, they came out easily enough which left me with pieces I could use as a template.

I won’t go into detail on building it, because the photos tell the story.  I used pallet wood and probably won’t paint it.  For now, I like the rustic look.

EDIT: I need to add this is the first use of my pneumatic brad nailer on an actual project.  I have mixed feelings about it, but that will probably change the more experience I get under my tool belt.  Ultimately, it does a great job and creates a nice clean finish.

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