Birdhouse 3.0

I wrote an article on Linkedin about it, but I recently found myself downsized after 10 years in a great position in the IT field.  The article focused on the value of hobbies to keep your mind active and positive between jobs.  It’s been over a month and I’m still looking.  The two upsides are 1) I did at least get a severance package and 2) I’m spending some time in my workshop!  You can check out the article here:

This project blog is going to be an update to an older project: the humble birdhouse.  I wanted to continue the idea of using reclaimed wood — and have it still LOOK like reclaimed wood.  Rustic is the word I’m looking for, I guess.

If your remember, the first birdhouse project was a rebuild of one my father built several years ago.  The only different between the two was his was made with store bought lumber and cheerfully painted. I’m happy to report that it has been the home of one or two families of birds (not sure the kind).  I tried to snap a few photos of mom and dad bird coming and going but it seemed best to leave them alone.  There was one very funny time dad bird had fetched a VERY LARGE branch and was trying to get it inside the next.  I just imagined a comical exchange with momma bird asking dad bird what he was thinking.  Bird-brain!

My new birdhouse is mine from start to scratch.  I looked through several pintrest ideas, of course, but in the end I just let the materials available talk to me.  I’m not really sure it’s all that good for a REAL birdhouse. This is mainly a prototype and porch decoration.  That is, until someone moves in.