Guaranteed TrafficPlease, don’t fall for claims from website hosting companies that promise to bring hundreds or even thousands of potential customers to your website… if only you let them build and host it for you. Even if the services they offered were free, these are false claims! Even if you see high traffic numbers on your hit-counter, it is very likely being done by fraudulent means.

The Facts about Hit Counters

Hit counters on websites can be set high and raised at anytime with very little effort. A brand new website can be shown as having 1 million hits with a 2 second code change. Website hit counters do not reflect unique visitors – they don’t even necessarily reflect ANY visitors at all.

Some Companies Pay People To Browse The Web

Why in the world would a company PAY someone to surf the web… unless they got something out of it? Recently, a large web hosting company was paying people directly to repeatedly visit websites they promised high hit rates! Meaning these were never potential customers to begin with, just paid visits who loaded your page, then moved on to another site they were paid to visit.

Server Software Can Fake Hits

However, hosting companies don’t have to pay anyone to surf web pages these days. There are many software programs that web hosting companies can run on their server to run up artificial hit rates when they promise a hit count they can’t really deliver.

One such program is “I-Faker”. It promises to send as many unique hits a day as their server can handle. Using PHP, it routes HTTP get requests through a massive list of anonymous proxy servers which can be defined by the company. The advertisement for this software says that even banner ads on the site get hits. It is not only a fake hit generator, but it can in conjunction with the Alexa tracker improve your Alexa rankings.

All the traffic sent by the fake traffic PHP script is unique and shows up as unique in your website and server stats.

The Bottom Line

WEBrilliance won’t make promises we can’t keep. We will, however, make several recommendations to make sure your website is helping your maximizing your advertising dollars.