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What does WEBrilliance bring to each project?

Among other things, years of professional experience, accountability as well as availability.

With many web design companies, even local ones, you might never talk to or meet the individuals doing the actual work. I know, and have spoken with owners of other web service companies, some local and others out-of-state. Both farm out work for pennies on the dollar.

One told me he uses ONE WordPress template for all the sites he sells. He has to keep things simple because he has housewives and retired ladies doing the work. The other designer farms work out across a few SWEATSHOPS in India.

I kid you not.

If you need a website, give us a call. We will listen, answer your questions and design your web presence with those conversations in mind.

I am Todd Carpenter. I have lived in West Virginia all of my life, and I would like to build your next WEB PRESENCE.

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