Project Description

We call it “Alternative Advertising”

We know how to get people talking. We’ve orchestrated more than a few viral campaigns – just for fun, mind you. Did you hear the WV Legislature outlawed drive-in windows at Fast Food Restaurants? What about Senator Joe Manchin getting the West Virginia-based, MTV show, “Buckwild” cancelled? We designed an entire spoof newsite called, TheDiggerer, to make stories go viral. TheDiggerer is on hold for now, but it could resurface (under a different name) any day now. Watchout!

Did you hear that Batboy from WV has his own twitter account. The Charleston Daily Mail broke the story, but we were the creators of the account.

Did you hear that the WV Pepperoni Roll won a national state-food competition?  Yup! That happened. And yes… I’ll admit to it now. We made that happen. And no, I won’t tell you how.

WEBrilliance staff even created a popular MEME, “Somewhere in WVa“. Images regularly get tens of thousands of views each.

Our viral campaigns have been talked about from West Virginia to California! On local and national news, radio and newspapers. If you really want everyone to hear about your business or product, WEBrilliance is your viral campaign headquarters! Give us a call!